simplicity is your on demand legal department.

simplicity gives your company monthly access to a team of lawyers (intellectual property, employment, contract attorneys, commercial property, etc) dedicated to your business.  Our team focuses on all your legal needs so that you can focus on building your business. Whatever your legal need, our team can meet it.

We are here when you need us.

We are simplicity

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Why an IN House Lawyer?

Your business needs a lawyer that knows your ultimate goal and tailors his/her legal advice to fit your company.  With this knowledge your in-house lawyer will speak on your behalf with clients, vendors, and workers. This saves you time and energy while also giving your company a professional appearance.

Experience Matters

Experienced lawyers will only spend time addressing issues that impact your business instead of researching irrelevant issues. Our lawyers have years of experience in business and in law. This combined expertise allows them to give advice that is focused and moves your business forward.

more than one Lawyer...  your personal Legal Department

With our service you instantly have a legal department without the additional cost of increased head count. We set your company up with an internal legal email address ( monitored by our team of lawyers from different specializations.